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21-Nov-23, 08:21
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I dislike black friday, I do not support cultural consumerism events, as it's terrible for the environment. I’m already at my ethical limit by hacking games. Which is why I have never held a black week sales in our soon 10-years of existence.

This year we can celebrate Argentina! It's rare, people stray from the mainstream course of "right vs. left" statheist loving beliefs. Not that I agree 100% with Javier Milei. But I don't like statheism, the inherent belief that we can all lay back in our couch after voting and given them half our salary in hopes of a fair redistribution. Believing elites in suits will fix the enviroment, inequality, maintain peace and etc. When they to our "suprise" don't, because they are busy with their own interrests, their portfolio of shares, or prostituting themselves for money and fame. We once again play their game of "right vs. left" next election. The rich elitarian loves the state, it is for them, has always been, a means to rob the people.
Argentinians have taken a step away from statheism.

Viva la Argentina! Viva la Javier Milei!

In 1976, libertarian influenced band Rush released their song: "2112" which is all about what society might look like in year 2112, if we keep up with the "right vs. left" statheism loving discourse, giving the elite the tools to enslave and use us, I think it's a good share in this context:

21-Nov-23, 09:03
Viva la Argentina

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