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Safety/Cheating on main
23-Feb-24, 01:14
Hello, i have heard about this cheat many times in the past and it is my first time on this forum. I am thinking about getting this cheat just to kinda try it out. But the question is is the cheat still safe to use on main account in 2024 on cs2? I know there is risks involved on cheating but i just wanna make sure if its still safe. Hexui looks trustworthy and i have heard many good things about it.
23-Feb-24, 03:25
Hexui last detection was in 2017, I think is the best option rn as public cheat
23-Feb-24, 11:34
(23-Feb-24 03:25)bobita99 Wrote:  Hexui last detection was in 2017, I think is the best option rn as public cheat

Okay, thanks! Big Grin
02-Mar-24, 23:25
No cheat is ever safe. If you don't want to risk getting your main banned, just don't play on it. The AC can flag HexUI, which is rare but possible.
03-Mar-24, 11:04
We have now been UD in 7-years and 1-Month, but like above writes anything can happen, but by statistic means we are probably the safest bet cheat on the market currently. But unlike most providers I'm not want gonna fill you with lies such as: "yes you will never be detected here" because they truth is idk, but I'm trying my best to ensure the cheat stays safe.

Personally I never recommend cheating on your main, and especially not atm until we see another action for the direction of VAC/VACnet, the reason being, cheating is currently quite an public outspoken issue in CS2, therefor I personally assume we will see Valve take some kind of action in the near future, to somehow gain more control of the situation.

VACNet seems like to be pretty shitty atm, but I highly doubt it has rolled out completely yet, I think they are playing around with the now more precise and larger amount of datasets they can gather due to their sub-tick functionality and also other things. I doubt Hexui will be affected when the times comes though, for the reason being we are external and therefor by nature our cheat behaviour will provide more inconsistent data, internals can of course mimic this but no one does.

Well at least be careful atm, whether what cheat you decide to go with.

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