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sub offer
22-Mar-24, 15:16
hello, I work as a digital marketing agent in Israel, and i have been thinking of making a video of your cheats, And get you between 20 to 25 weekly costumers, in exchange for a monthly sub.. are u interested?
also, maybe giving free promo codes for discounts for people from around my country?
u will make additional 350-410usd weekly.
in order to do that, i will need a 2day sub for free.
is it something u would like to do?
let me know.
best regards,
22-Mar-24, 16:07
Add menalix on discord, his id is "menalix" without ""
23-Mar-24, 17:32
we dont need new costumers. xD
23-Mar-24, 21:24
Sorry I get those offers almost weekly, they never live up to them, just a cheap way to try the cheat for free.
If you don't have 12 Euro to spent, you are problaby not very good in marketting. And since I work in Denmark's 2nd largest web agency, where we have a large marketing team, I doubt you can provide me anything, I don't already have at my disposal. Thanks for the offer though.

For others reading, at Hexui we will happy offer free subscription time, to anyone who in anyway helps us, and we often do this, also when users find errors/bugs. But not to outsiders, as it's 99% of the time just a false proposal to get something for free.

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