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Life-time and other Question
19-Apr-14, 23:16 (This post was last modified: 19-Apr-14 23:24 by UiV.)
I'm curious when I purchase the product how do I obtain it, do I receive it from an Email and I am defiantly considering the 6-Month option, but I would like to know how much a Life-time option would be.

Thanks for the help.

20-Apr-14, 00:48
You'll be able to get the link off these forums once you give Menalix your HWID.

Lifetime would be 60-70 I presume, lifetime doesn't happen often though. You'll have to wait a while for that, and the prices can be whatever he decides at that point.

Welcome =).
20-Apr-14, 02:25
Pretty much what RedJay's says, expect that we actually tomorrow starts to do automatically registrations, so you don't need to give me your hwid, just pay & play.
20-Apr-14, 04:08
I'll wait until tommorow then, just curious what is a HWID. I've heard of one before but I don't understand what one is.

And thanks for the help guys!
20-Apr-14, 06:19
HWID is like basically the IP of your computer. Supposed to be assigned by your computer. It's basically a prevention for leaking/letting other users use your account.

As for waiting until tomorrow, welcome again Wink.

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