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My review
29-May-2015, 02:59 PM (This post was last modified: 07-Jun-2015 04:49 PM by lolboost.)
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Been using Hexui for 2 days now which isnt a long time so I will update the review after a week or so just wanted to give my first impressions of the hack as before I considered buying this I read through all the reviews to make my mind up if its worth it since there are so many providers of cs go hacks right now.

Hexui offers decent RCS, good trigger (when it works) and an okay aimbot.

RCS- This in my mind right now is the best feature that hexui offers, it's not obvious at all and works flawless all the time.

Trigger- I've been having a lot of trouble with this and from posts on forums it looks like many other people are having this issue too. It randomly stops working no matter how close you are to the target, just doesnt shoot as if its not registering the enemy even when u're looking straight at him 2 feet away (this especially happens a lot in mirage for me). However when it does work it's amazing, also you can customize the delays of trigger for every weapon so if u dont want it to spray with a pistol and miss every shot you can do that.

Aimbot- At first i was a bit disappointed with this since before hexui i used an RCS aimbot that would allow me to spray and it would direct my weapon in a way to hit the enemy in the head or body which looked very legit from long range but very obvious in short range as it would follow people through walls and when they jump. Hexui's aimbot is very hard to notice at first i thought that it isnt working but if you try to play with deagle you will definitely see that it does work. However with weapons such as AK and M4 aimbot doesnt really do anything for you, you have to aim and spray yourself and count on RCS which I still find a bit disappointing I would like some RCS aimbot feature.

When you first download the hack and open the settings file it's really overwhelming, the amount of options you can set is very nice if you understand what you're doing but otherwise you can be completely lost. After researching the forum for a bit though you can find some decent settings for free that people have put in the settings section. However i would recommend to buy HAC from market place which sets everything for you and doesnt cost too much.

Overall: Hexui seems like an okay hack so far despite a few issues such as trigger not working once they get sorted im sure I will have an even better opinion of it. I will be using this for the next week (if trigger gets fixed) and will update this review. The only thing I wish to be implemented right now is RCS aimbot and once trigger gets fixed I would say this is a must have hack for the price.

Edit (1 week of using this later)
After using Hexui for a week i must say i fell in love with it. The problems i talked about in the post were fixed very quickly and right now that i took the time to make settings that work for myself i must say this is a great cs go cheat.
RCS is 10/10 nothing else to say.
Trigger works perfectly and you can set a delay if you want to look more legit with awp for example. This is great.
And last but not least aimbot. At first I didnt like it because my settings were bad for what I like but after taking time to sit in a bot game and test every single setting I hit the sweet spot and right now aimbot is working perfectly for my needs. Helped to get to LEM from DMG in a week and im still dropping 30 bombs every other game.
Overall: I recommend hexui if u're thinking of getting it do it. However, give it time as at first you may not like it but once you find good settings it is a perfect hack.
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29-May-2015, 05:04 PM
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The triggerbot issue seemed to a problem after we updated to the new update. I had the same problem the first day, though it's gone now (at least for me)

When it comes to settings, division said he would make a thread explaining the new aimbot settings. Which should make it easier to setup.
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