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31-May-2015, 06:11 AM
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Being a returning customer for hexui I believe that my opinion means a lot to the community so here I am bringing you my review on the product including all the features trigger, aimbot, rcs, sound esp. Now let's begin!

Trigger - This is a good feature has a lot of custom settings in it including trigger delay, trigger pause and more. Now the way that I use this feature is only with sniper rifles their is a very good reason on why I do that though. Overall I would rate this trigger a 10/10 because it has so many variations with it you can get it working the exact way you want it.

Aimbot - I have no words this is absolutely amazing coded like the "Ventrilo.exe" from css it literally dominates any other legit aimbot you can get. This is why I don't use trigger with rifles because the aimbot just dominates over the trigger. The aimbot still takes time and skill to learn you still need to burst with it at appropriate ranges to get those quick kills. It is once again very customizable like the trigger. Once you got it down you'll drop thirty bombs every match, maybe I really don't know how good you are at the game.

Sound ESP - In all honestly this is helpful it gives you a idea where the enemy is that is all it's good for I believe, but that is practically it's purpose. I don't personally use it I find it extremely annoying. It's better in my opinion you just check corner etc looks more legit.

RCS - The sprays are very good it look's so legit this with aimbot is amazing. The way I play with both of them is simple I burst when their far away or just tap, and I spray when they are up close it works so well.

Staff - No doubt this is one of the best staff teams I have ever seen they will work to solve your problems in teamviewer for hours upon end so much dedication.

Overall I think that hexui is the top of the line cs go legit looking provider out their it doesn't get any better then this unless you're using some crazy custom coded expensive cheat. The aimbot and rcs is the biggest selling point here in my opinion absolutely phenomenal as well with the trigger which I only use with rifles. I highly recommend this cheat.
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31-May-2015, 05:28 PM
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Thanks for the awesome review Smile glad you love it as much as i do myself hehe Smile
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