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Awesome cheat. Can look very legit. 9/10
07-Jun-2015, 04:47 PM
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This is written after a week of using this hack.

Overall view
The hack is amazing. It's easy to get going and there's a good explanation of the settings file in the forums, plus a lot of examples of settings from users to look at.

There have been a little down time due to the server host, but nothing too bad and Menalix even compensated us with another day, even though the hack wasn't really down (it worked after starting it several times).

There are settings for each weapon (USP and P2000 are the same) and you can turn aimbot on/off for each.

You can also have the triggerkey and the aimbot key as the same key, or have the aimbot on mouse1 and the triggerkey on something else.

Aimbot 8/10
The aimbot works very well. It can be a bit odd with a high pause and smooth setting, as the aimbot "moves in steps". But I don't really use that for my settings.

The aimbot is a bone aimbot that just works. I use low FOV settings to make it look legit, but it can easily be set to rage settings.

Currently there's no visual check, but Menalix is looking into adding this for the next update. If the aimbot had this, it would be a clear 10/10.

Triggerbot 9/10
The triggerbot has SO many settings to make it look legit. Aftershoot, triggerdelay etc. It works really really well and can easily be configured to look 100% legit.

Sometimes the triggerbot won't work in close ranges though. This only appears to be a problem for a few users, and I've only experienced this once. A restart and a reinject fixed it for me.

Sound ESP 10/10
This works amazing. Nothing else to say.

Community 9/10
Most are very friendly and there's a few extremely helpful users and a lot of good posts in the guides section. It's a way better community than what is seen on organner's forum.

There's a few ragers who complain about the hack even though most of the answers are available on the forum.

Anti-Cheat 9/10
Works on faceit and CEVO, and that's all I need (more listed in the private section). Apparently it will never work on EAC, but I give it a 9/10.

I can recommend this cheat for legit use.
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