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Eloc's Review of Hexui
07-Jul-2015, 02:19 AM
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Eloc's Unbiased Review of Hexui.

Over the past week or so I've been using Hexui on and off(Spending more time in my settings file than using the hacks xD). Thanks to some help from FiddeM and Sion I've learned to use the hacks to the best of their ability(Admittedly if I was using FiddeM's setting's they would probably be better, but that's beside's the point). Hexui has proven to have great support, awesome community/staff, and a great legit cheat.

Triggerbot 10/10
The triggerbot is basic yet effective. It has quite a range of setting's depending on if you want to look like a robot or a blind person. Amazing capabilities just like the rest of Hexui that allow you to do anything any other triggerbot could do for you.

Aimbot 10/10

Best legit aimbot I've come across in my time exploring the internet for new cheats. With optimal setting's(FiddeM) it can look entirely legit while still giving you an edge over the rest. This site has some amazing setting's on it and just like the triggerbot the aimbot can adapt to any playstyle you have given you have the time to configure your setting's for a few hour's.

Support 10/10

Not that there there couldn't be improvement's made but with such a small staff it really is amazing how well they handle client's issues. If you have a problem not solve-able by one of the other staff(rare) Menalix will usually help you personally if he's not too busy with rl or developing new part's of Hexui. If no staff are on(again pretty rare) Hexui has an extremely active community willing to help sort out problems of other Hexui user's.

Security 10/10

When it come's to security Hexui is unrivaled for a cheat with so many user's. Hexui is rarely detected by VAC(Has only happened 2-3 time's since it's gotten big(I think)) and with Menalix constantly updating Hexui it's very rare that VAC will detect Hexui in the near future. Menalix is an amazing dev and after a patch happens he get's you back into the game asap.

PS: Still need to edit a few thing's and make a conclusion
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07-Jul-2015, 02:28 AM
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Hahaha Wink <3 great review hope you stay longer Smile
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07-Jul-2015, 03:04 AM
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(07-Jul-2015 02:28 AM)FiddeM Wrote:  Hahaha Wink <3 great review hope you stay longer Smile

Planning on buying a 6 month if I can get some money together <3
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