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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
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What to buy?
05-Jan-17, 12:13 (This post was last modified: 05-Jan-17 12:17 by MasterL.)

My name is MasterL; this is an alias (don't try to identify me), and I am very happy to meet all of you in this community.

After the new year kicked in, it became terrifically impossible to play in the Valve matchmaking CS:Go system. I don't know what happened, but recently 50% of the players I played with or against were hardly cheating and not even trying to hide it. On the other hand, 25% of the players were cheating but trying to make it legit, unsuccessfully though. Where only the remaining 25% were not using any cheats at all. Don't mind the rough numbers, I tried to make myself clear and I really hope that I did.

Therefore, I am sick and tired of this bullsh*t. I have done a small research which brought me directly to this website, and the question is the following:

1) Is there any difference between a 3-day subscription and 30-day subscription?

I went through the forum where some people complained about getting a VAC ban with the 3-day subscriptions, therefore, I would really like to hear some elaboration from the developers of this cheat.

A little bit about myself; I am playing on my account since 2005. Have I ever cheated? Yes, in the game called - Rust. The problem was the same, the incredible amount of cheaters. Do I care about getting VAC'd? Not really. Since I grew older and have a lot of things to do in the real life, I wouldn't object on getting VAC'd, however, I would still prefer not to.

The cheat which I used in Rust was private and I paid money for it. For that reason, I won't mind dropping some more money here as well if the security is higher. Once again, it's not like I am afraid of getting VAC'd. It's about the history and age of my account.

Thank you very much in advance and it would be perfect to hear some clarification regarding the subscriptions.

The other opinions are welcome too!

P.S. I have never used any cheats on my account before. I used the private Rust cheat back in the 2014. Still no VAC ban, as a result, I consider my account being clean.

05-Jan-17, 12:17
Read what about our security here:

1: Yes. The way it is getting distributed is differently. Can't go into details (obv) But it works like a module system.
05-Jan-17, 12:31 (This post was last modified: 05-Jan-17 12:38 by MasterL.)
Holy mother Christ! That was incredibly fast answer. Big Grin

Thank you very much for the response. Yes, I have read about your security, however, the main question still persists.

30-day subscription = 90-day subscription - in terms of security. Right?
3-day subscription - not that good security, right?

If you were to compare 3-day vs 30 and 90-day in terms of security, what advantage the last two would win with?

I am very sorry if I demand some kind of classified information from you; that is not my intention. My intention is to get a service from you that has the highest safety percentage.

I will obviously go for the 30 day subscription if it is the same as 90 day subscription. On the other hand, I will go for 90 day subscription if it is safer. Nevertheless I wanted to try the 3-day subscription first (now I obviously won't), and it's not clear for me why do you provide such an option if it is not safer?

Thank you very much for the effort!

05-Jan-17, 12:32
MasterL i have exactly the same question is there any difference between the 30 day and the 90 day?
05-Jan-17, 13:26
Security wise no. There's no difference between the two. (90/30 days)
05-Jan-17, 13:32
Though menalix said all have different build ? So all members wouldnt get dc.
05-Jan-17, 13:41
How do i get into Exclusive?
05-Jan-17, 14:17
Not possible its closed.
05-Jan-17, 17:53
Weird thread, idk why you're telling us your life story.

"This is an alias, don't try to identify me" lmfao.
05-Jan-17, 18:20
(05-Jan-17 17:53)Yannick Wrote:  Weird thread, idk why you're telling us your life story.

"This is an alias, don't try to identify me" lmfao.

That was thought to be as a joke xD . I imagined myself as an agent 007 for a second chinese
05-Jan-17, 20:00
I am boosting an account for someone right now and I have played 150 plus games just hit supreme and have never once worried about being OW or the account being caught by VAC.

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