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The only Hexui review you'll ever need.
29-Apr-18, 12:57
After using Hexui for one month, I can firmly say it's the cheat you want if you're looking to play legit and have a 1% skill boost over the next player. I copied somebody else's format for the review, I hope they don't mind.

Security 10/10

I know nothing about cheats or how VAC works. However I felt absolutely safe using Hexui on my main account for 1 full month simply because of the way the cheat works. Downloading it to your PC, launching the app, then deleting it and the app still works, and you can adjust the cheat cmpletely externally on a forum (even whilst in game) to me is just mind blowing.That is pure genius. I've seen how other cheats work, how you have to have the app running so you can adjust (we've all seen "Clara!") whilst in game, that's a sure fire way to get detected. However, I believe Hexui is pretty much impossible to detect unless some asshole decides to leak it to Valve (which, I'm pretty sure, is illegal). To the staff at Hexui, you guys are brilliant. Well done.
(Disclaimer: no cheat is undecetable forever. However, with Hexui, you're pretty damn safe for a long time. Their last detection [at the time of this posting] was well over a year ago)

Aimbot: 10/10

This aimbot is amazing. The recoil control is completely legit looking; many years ago I used a CS:Source cheat that had an anti recoil that was spotted INSTANTLY by other players. Hexui's anti-recoil is great because it simply mimics the mouse movements required for recoil control. I first got Hexui simply to use the anti recoil, but after trying out the aimbot, I decided to use it too. Being fully adjustable (for each weapon!) is just awesome. Get those headshots every time and look completely legit whilst you do it. I strongly recommend if you *really* want to look legit, do some aim practise and get decent aim and use the aimbot to give you that 1% boost in aim needed to win every gun fight. However even if you use a high FOV and low aimbot smooth, you'll still look pretty damn legit and will always hit those shots.

Triggerbot: 10/10

Doesn't need words really. Works flawlessly. Sit on an angle, hold the key, and prepare to win every round. Best used with awp.

SoundESP & GlowESP: 10/10

I didn't use the Sound ESP, however I have to say, as good and useful as the GlowESP is, I was hoping it would extend to the entire map so I could see where a team might be rushing so I could get info early. Maybe I wanted this because a cheat I used in the past did this, however after using Hexui's GlowESP for a month I can say it does an amazing job. Bind it to mouse 3 or 4 or 5 and just tap it when you need information then tap it again to hide it. You will NEVER get an Overwatch ban this way. All those other cheats that use Chams/etc aren't any better than Hexui's GlowESP. Prepare to dominate every match with this simple but devastatingly effective function. Absolutely worth the extra cost.

Community 10/10

I used a cheat for CS:Source years ago, purchased from a cheat page called
and I can say that the staff and community there were all assholes. Extremely unhelpful, more open to trolling if you needed help. Also when the cheat was first detected, and a few accounts got banned, the Devs of that page called them all moron for being VAC banned. Then a week later when everybody got VAC banned, they just laughed and said well you knew the risks. The site then went down. Permanently.

Hexui is completely different. The staff here are super friendly, they are obviously hard working and commited to their customers, and, they are brilliant. Hexui's cheat is just that good. I don't know the staff here personally but I can tell they are smart, hard working and passionate people. The kind I can trust. And you can too.
I had an issue with payment only once and it was fixed within 24 hours by a very friendly individual. I haven't encountered any trolls here, and I know I won't. They wouldn't fit into this community.

Overall: 10/10

I haven't used any other CSGO cheats but I can say without a doubt if you are looking for a legit CSGO cheat, buy Hexui. This is quality stuff. Use it and you will agree. Don't bother going to the competitors. You'll win more matches and are less likely to get a ban with Hexui.
29-Apr-18, 13:28
Thank you for you review man, that means a lot <3
30-Apr-18, 18:13
Thank you so much for this review, I can see you put a lot of effort into this, I'm truly greatful Smile <3

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