Hexui is a danish eu based company created in 2013. The company is ran and owned by software-developer: "Menalix".

Menalix has been a part of the cheating and hacking community since 2006. He started his endaveours primarily at Messblack, Gamedeception and Hackforums. He took a short break from 2009 till 2011, when the police raided his property, investigating him for being part of larger botnet, but was later found not guilty after 2-years investigation. He got back to the hacking community where he started focusing on doing cheat-development, which later would evolve into Hexui.

Menalix is known in the scene for evolving the malware technic process hollowing to support 64-bit executeables. Doing public source releases using managed programming languages (.net). Comical youtube videos with 10k+ views. Cracking competitor's cheat software in the early days of csgo.

Menalix and Yuki