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Learn Game Hacking

Interrested in learning to hack games?

This is intended for people contacting us to learn game hacking

What is game hacking?
Game hacking is in general an act of circumventing or altering on game developers intentions. There is many ways to accomplish game hacks, and many end-goals by doing it. Therefor game hacking is a very broad and interresting topic.

The benefits of learning to hack games?
You will be able to create your own cheats, customize them to your exact needs. You will get a very broad and deep understanding with software. In general the skillset of a game hacker, is very coveted by software busisnesses over the world. Giving you great job oppertunities.

What do I need to begin with?
Learn a programming language. There exist managed and unmanaged programming languages. Managed languages often has an easy learning curve, it compiles into software consisting of interpreter specific metadata and code, meaning it depends on an interpreter to perform memory management and runtime code interpretation. There's many benefits about this, but it is definitely not to learn game hacking. Examination of compiled managed-code will give you a narrow understanding of a specific interpreter. Unmanaged languages often has a bit rougher learning curve, it compiles into platform specific metadata and native-code. To understand the inner-workings of any software we need to learn how to make sense of its lowest representation, native-code. Learning an unmanaged language will therefor have teachful advantages to understanding software at its lowest-level.

Where can I find game hacking guidance?
The answer is Guidedhacking. Guidedhacking is the only website on the internet with the intent to teach people about game hacking. There is a few other websites related to game hacking, but they are more of a marketplace for cheats or free cheat download websites. Guidedhacking is a very teachful website, even for intermediate game hackers.

How long time will it take to learn game hacking?
Using higher education as an example. At university you are expected to be able to learn programming basics in 3-months and basic software reverse engineering in 3-months. In 6-months anyone should be able to complete a simple cheat. Keep in mind, that you would have a basic understanding but that is when all the fun starts. You will actually enjoy learning, as everything will be easyier to make sense of.

Good luck.