Our cs2 aimbot is the market's most legit one. We're not interrested in rage aimbots, but want to deliver an aimbot which can make you enjoy community servers, matchmaking and more. Without one single person noticing that you cheat. This is the perfect aimbot for a closet cheater.

Aimbot Key:
The key selection is used to activate the aimbot's automatic adjustment of your aim. When held down, your aim will adjust it for the target using your prefered aimbot settings

Aimbot Dynamic Fov:
Is distance based way of scaling the desired area to aim within, we use a realistic in-game centimeters estimate. If you select 20cm it means when you press the aim-key it will adjust if your crosshair is within a radius of 20cm from the selected aim spot.

Aimbot Smooth:
Is your desired aim adjustment speed in time. You select in milliseconds how long time it should take for the aimbot to move from the edge of your screen (field of view limit) to reach the aimspot. Usually cs2 aimbots uses division instead of time, which is really bad as it will gradually slow down the adjustment speed and be a hindrance in hitting moving enemies.

Aimbot Spot:
You can select between a few aim spots / bones to adjust for, and you can select multiple at once, to generate a more legit outcome. Usually aimbots only aim for the head, which makes them easy noticeable. It's a high prefered between our customers to select both neck and head.

Aimbot Time:
Select a time which the aimbot should continuesly aim for in milliseconds, after you have depressed your aim-key.

Aimbot Delay:
If you want to prevent the aimbot to aim from first bullet or more, you can select a time in milliseconds in which the aimbot won't adjust your aim. Even though you are pressing the aim-key.

Aimbot Visibility Check:
Choose between adjusting aim through walls or only adjust aim for visible targets.

Aimbot Movement Prediction:
Automatically predicts an enemy target's movement so the aimbot doesn't fall behind.

Aimbot Once / Non-Stick:
Decide between keep following your target, or let the aimbot stop adjusting your aim when you have reached the aim spot