Our cs2 triggerbot is insanely fast and a good supplement for sniping kills. It's also great for securing deadly shots on low health players, in a legit manner. We have applied some feautures to make our trigger very legit and impossible to notice in use.

Triggerbot Key:
The key selection is used to activate the triggerbot by holding it down, the triggerbot then await for a valid target to intersect with your crosshair and then automatically fire a shot.

Triggerbot Delay:
When an enemy intersects with your crosshair. You can decide a delay in milliseconds for the triggerbot to react slower, so the initially shot will be delayed.

Triggerbot Pause:
When the triggerbot have already fired a shot once for you. You can decide a break in milliseconds for when the Triggerbot will fire the next shot.

Triggerbot Aftershot:
Keeps shooting for a selected time in milliseconds after your crosshair have left the enemy player. This feature was invented by Hexui back in 2014 and some call it over-burst today, to give triggerbot a legit element.