Many providers advertise themself as a VACNet undetected cheat. This is a marketing lie to gain customers.

VACNet is a deep learning anti-cheat made by Valve, which is teached by acquiring valuable datasets of your gameplay.
Providers saying they are undetected from a rapidly changing anti-cheat through deep learning AI tech, is liars.

While no cheat provider can be 100% certain that they are undetected from VACNet. We provide very humanized legit options, to ensure the highest certainty possible that you will not get caught. We have only had 8 bans in the last 3 years, which might have been VACNet's doing, but could just be overwatch (manual demo investigation). We average 500 customers monthly, that is 8 bans out of 18000 people. That means at Hexui we can prove a 99.9996% undetection record with statistics, thanks to our humanized legit feautures.

We made this page, because we don't want to use the same lying marketing standard about VACNet, as most of our competitors do. Therefor we made this honest page about VACNet.
In general there is no reason to worry about VACNet when using external cheats and hacks, as the datasets is too unprecise for VACNet.