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Cheat updated for newest csgo update on the 22.09.2021

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Personal Review
30-Aug-2021, 02:33 PM
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Hi, this is my personal review after using Hexui for couple of times on/off since 2015. The account I played on with Hexui on 2015 hasn't been ban till now, and I'm currently using Hexui & another provider called N*** which is private right now since last november.

Aimbot (10/10)
Configuring everything through cloud is very very easy, although not much to play around with the Aimbot setting as this is external and couldn't be compared to an internal cheat. It feels very legit & smooth after several trial & error here and there.

TriggerBot (10/10)
Plain & Basic. Always go-to if you had the intention to go very ham for your clutches play or just wanna show off your awping skills, very very accurate. It also can be altered to make it look more legit alike by increasing more delay.

RCS (10/10)
It speaks for itself. However I do not like to use them, even I do, I will use a very small percentage of the RCS to compensate when I control myself to make it easier. It does the job very very well.

Visual (8/10)
Radar function, speaks for itself. Very very good feature to use when you don't want to use glow. It helps to heighten your gameplay very well. On another hand, there's glow. Glow itself can be very fun to use every time just because you want to know where's the opponent at but then it is very "sus" as well. So, try toggling the glow in between and don't make it obvious. I'd rather you lose a match/round then losing your account straight Wink

Sound ESP(10/10)
Hands down, best feature. It makes a really annoying beep beep sound when you're nearer to your opponent based on distance, but too much of it, makes you giddy. So, do remember to take your paracetamol if you had any migraines later! Smile

BHOP (10/10)
You like being a kangaroo ? This is for you. Use it sparingly! At max 2-3BHOPS. Else get scriptcusation/hackusation Tongue

It's a really good cheat, one of few last remained paid external provider. Even thou I myself still prefer to use an internal cheat due to it's rich features, still, I decided to clinged on to Hexui and make it my go-to for an external one.

Well, truthfully speaking, external does not mean it is safe from detection just because it does not hook to the game memory. Likewise the same for an internal one. Still, I believe Mena knows what he is doing to keep the cheat safe. Big Grin

Would it possible to change the sound event for the ESP. akward
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07-Sep-2021, 08:10 PM
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Thank you so much Asuna. And nice username, SAO ftw!!
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09-Sep-2021, 11:09 AM
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(07-Sep-2021 08:10 PM)Menalix Wrote:  Thank you so much Asuna. And nice username, SAO ftw!!

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