Frequently Asked Questions

Which pay methods do you offer?
PayPal and CoinPayments if for cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, if you want another method open a pre-sale question HERE, and we will contact you on the forum message system to assist you.

For how long have Hexui sold csgo cheats?
Hexui’s csgo cheat has been available for more than 4 years, we started selling in January 2014.

How long does it take for bitcoin payments to go through?
Usually 15 minutes to 2 hours, our payment system needs 3 confirmations from the blockchain network, before it notify our automatic membership elevation system.

How long does it take for paypal payments to go through?
PayPal is always instant notifying our automatic elevation system, so you will receive the membership immediately

Can your cheats be used for leagues?
Yes, but with that said, if the league anti-cheat isn’t a supported one, the risk from getting banned is at higher possibility. ATM our hack is undetected from any anti-cheat, but it doesn’t mean it won’t get detected. The supported anti-cheats, is anti-cheats which we daily ensure won’t detect our hack, which is VAC, FACEIT and CEVO

Can I use this on any operating system?
We support all of the following windows operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
We do not support Linux or Mac.

Can I get legit configs?
Yes easily, you can copy any user’s settings by visiting their community profile page and clicking the import button, we also have a sub-forum for users who like to advertise their settings they worked on.

Do you offer lifetime subscription?
No we do not offer lifetime subscriptions, because it is business wise not a very good strategy.

Can I refund if I dislike the cheat?
No. Hexui is an intangible product therefor we do not do refunds, you accept that by agreeing to our terms of service by purchasing and using our services, and the agreement is provided as evidence to paypal if you make a dispute.

Can I get a free trial?
No. We do not offer trials, but we offer a 5-day subscription, which is good way to try out the cheat and then later on pay for an extended period.

Who is the programmer behind Hexui?
All Hexui’s cheats is developed by Menalix, and any custom web-programming such as our cloud configuration system is developed by Division.

Do you offer private requested cheat projects?
No. We do not offer that under the Hexui business name, Menalix does it personal on rare occasions, so you will have to contact him in person.

Are your cheat the best?
Yes. We personally believe at Hexui, we offer the best cheats, when taking all facts into account (support time, user friendliness, features, security & price).
If we did not believe in our product it would not be for sale.