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Enhanced Aim

The unfortunate demise of Enhanced Aim

EA ceased to exist in late 2013. Today Hexui owns the domain, some people were misusing the name "Enhanced Aim" to scam people. In order to stop their scam attempt, Hexui bought the original domain to spread awareness, which helped and made them shut down their scam site. EA was known for selling CS:GO, CS:S, CS 1.6, TF2, DOD:S, MW2, MW3, BF3 and COD4 Hacks and Cheats. It was operated by tech enthusiast and entrepreneur "Cyrus" and had many well respected software developers such as "Wav" and "Chod".

It came as a shock to many when they seized operations, as it was a highly faved cheat provider. Same year their competitor whom they had many dramatic fights with "Organner" suddenly shut down, which was expected though. Organner had recent been beaten by VAC + ESEA and failed to deliver a product for modern 64-bit systems, even after many years promises. After the demise of these two big providers a cheating era ended. The cheat market saturation was reduced and 2014-2015 became years with many new providers.