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Free CS2 Cheats

The issues with using free cs2 cheats

Avoid using free cs2 cheats on any account. Due to Valve's trustfactor system, you'll end up ruining the trust of your other accounts, including your main account.

Valve uses many parameters to link steam accounts. Many believe they can use a smurf account and getting vac banned won't affect their main account. That's a false assumption.
Free cs2 cheats gets detected regulary and when you get banned you're putting your main account and even your computer system which is a part of Valve's linking parameters at risk. Don't use free cheats unless you absolutely must and know what you are doing.
For this very reason we don't offer free downloadable cheats at Hexui, even though for marketing purposes it is benefitable. We want you to have the best cheating experience possible. You will not have that if we make your steam accounts get untrust flagged. Many free cheats is used to spread malware as well so take care and download from websites with good reputation.