This page only contains some of the information regarding our security, that you should know.
We like to keep our security undisclosed, in order to not give away information making us vulnerable to reversal/hacking attempts.

Valve Anti-Cheat
We use heavy measures to stay undetected from VAC, this is both in our interest and the customers as it is a benefit to us all.
Your account is at risk and our business reputation, therefor we have several of counter measures to ensure you have best chances of not getting detected.
Leave in mind, any cheat can be detected at any moment, public, pay2cheat, privates or semi-privates.
Your chances is best at experienced providers like Hexui.

Undetection streak record holdings:
Non-verified customers: 19 Months (Broken on October 2016, Current: N/A)
Verified customers: 26 Months (Broken on Janaury 2017, Current: N/A)

Third party Anti-Cheats
In many circumstances we use specific methods for single-targeting the market’s alternative Anti-Cheats.
Some methods is carried out automatic, others are carried out by user-choice.

We immediately terminate anyone’s membership caught in the following, due breaking the terms of our Terms of Service §6.b.
We detect any shape of: API Hijacking, Debugger Attachment, Virtual Environments, Bad IP and Ban Evasion.

Zero-log policy
Many competing providers log way to many personal details about their customers.
We do not store any personal information about our customers at all.