Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheat

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Our CSGO cheat is made for legit game-play. We have developed csgo cheats for more than 3 years, which put us ahead of competitors by the experience we have earned over the years.
Our CSGO cheat has all features separated in their own threads and utilizes 64-bit smoothly, for performance advantages.We hold one of the best detection records in history towards VAC as we had held an undetected record of more than 2 years. We support league anti-cheats aswell.

We do NOT require any type of system modifications.
Disabling DEP, UAC, Patchgaurd or Anti-Virus software, is NOT needed, unlike competitors.

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  • Aimbot Key = Toggle ON aimbot by holding a key
    Aimbot Dynamic Fov = Area of selection to start aim within
    Aimbot Smooth = Smoothly aim towards targe
    Aimbot Spot = Select the spot (head/neck/chest) to aim for on enemy
    Aimbot Multi-Spot = Select more than one aim spot at once
    Aimbot Spot Edge = Aims at the edge of spots instead of regular bone positions.
    Aimbot Time = Keep aiming for specified time when aim key is released
    Aimbot Delay = Specify the time-delay before the aiming sequence starts
    Aimbot Deadbreak = Specify the time to stop aiming when target was killed
    Aimbot Visibility Check = Only aim for visible enemies
    Aimbot Non Stick = Choose to aim without sticking


  • Triggerbot Key = Toggle triggerbot on by holding a key
    Triggerbot Delay = Delay before shooting
    Triggerbot Pause = Delay between shots
    Triggerbot Aftershot = Specified time to keep shooting

    Triggerbot Aftershot is an original feature invented by Hexui *

Recoil Control System

  • Recoil Compensation Vertical = Vertical axis compensation
    Recoil Compensation Horizontal = Horizontal axis compensation
    Standalone and integrated with aimbot and triggerbot *

    Works with all weapon types, including pistols *

Sound ESP

  • Enemy Sensor = Uses beep sounds, as an awareness of distance to an enemy.
    Enemy Sensor Frequency = Select a desired beep frequency you like
    Enemy Sensor Distance Limiter = Maximum range, before enabling the enemy sensor

    Sound ESP is an original feature invented by Hexui, as a measure to give people information they wouldn’t know, through sound and not visuals *


  • BunnyHop Key = Key to hold for doing bhop



  • Over 20 different other security feautures

    We do not disclose our security in details for security reasons *
    Read more at: *


  • Auto Updating
    Hide Window for LAN and live streaming
    Multi Threaded
    Global Custom Panic Key


  • All Windows versions/editions, only 64bit

Anti-Cheat Support

  • Valve Anti-Cheat 2/3 (VAC)
    CS:GO Matchmaking (MM)
    Cyber Evolution (CEVO)
    Unity PacificES
    Cyber Sport Professional League (CSPL)
    Source Modders (SMAC)
    Kigens (KAC)
    FACEIT *Non Client Only