Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheat

Our csgo cheat is made for legit game-play.
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Key = Aims when a selected key is held
Dynamic Fov = Area of selection to aim within
Smooth = Aim towards a target slowly
Spot = Select head, neck, chest or clavicle to aim for
Multi-Spot = Select more than one aim spot at once
Spot Edge = Aims at the closest edge of spots
Time = Aim for a specified time after the key is released
First shot delay = delay before the first shot
Visibility Check = Only aim for visible targets
Movement Predicition = Predicts the momevent of targets
Non-Sticky = Choose to aim without sticking


Key = Only trigger if a selected key is held
Delay = Delay before firing
Pause = Delay between each shot
Aftershot = Specified time to keep shooting

Works for zeus and knifes aswell, if within range *
Aftershot is an original feature invented by Hexui *

Recoil Control System

Compensation Vertical = Compensates the vertical recoil effect
Compensation Horizontal = Compensates the horizontal recoil effect

Stand-alone and integrated with aimbot *
Works with all weapon types, including pistols *

ESP (Visual)

Player Glow = Display a colored glow around players through walls
Key = Enable or disable by clicking a desired key

ESP (Sound)

Target Sensor = Uses beep tones, as an awareness of distance to a target
Sensor Frequency = The frequency of the tone
Sensor Range = Enabling sensor when targets are within a desired range

ESP using sound (sensor/sonar) is an original feature invented by Hexui, as a measure to give people information they wouldn’t know. It works through sound and not visuals *


Key = Bhops when a selected key is held


Cloud Settings = Adjust your settings through your internet browser
Weapon Individual = Adjust settings individually pr. weapon

Cloud settings preview:
cloud settings


Over 20 different other security features

We do not disclose our security in details for security reasons *
Read more at: *


Auto Updating
Hide Window for LAN and live streaming
Multi Threaded
Global Custom Panic Key


All 64bit Windows versions/editions.

Anti-Cheat Support

Valve Anti-Cheat
FACEIT *Server-side

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